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Why do security guards need to be concerned with loss prevention?

Security guards are traditionally seen as the frontline defenders against threats compromising the safety and well-being of people and property. While their roles are undeniably crucial, their responsibilities often extend beyond what’s visible to the naked eye. One critical aspect that often gets overshadowed is loss prevention. Why should...

Why Should You Hire a Security Guard?

The significance of safeguarded businesses, events, and residential areas cannot be overstated in a world witnessing escalating security concerns. One primary aspect of bolstering security is hiring competent security guards. Their role transcends merely maintaining safety; they become the pillars supporting our day-to-day lives’ harmonious and secure functioning. In...

Protected: What is The Key to Safety in Healthcare Facilities?

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Protected: What does security do for a business?

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Protected: What is Building Perimeter Security in Physical Security?

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What are security threats at an event?

  Potential security threats, such as intrusions, overcrowding, physical altercations, or suspicious behaviour, can arise during an event. A security team’s proactive measures can mitigate them, ensuring event attendees’ safety and well-being. As an experienced security service provider based in London, Ontario, Dominion Security Services understands the importance of...

Examples of Event Security 

Events bring people together for various purposes, from corporate conferences and music festivals to sporting events, private parties, community gatherings, and charity events. Event security will ensure the safety and security of all attendees. At Dominion Security Services in London, ON, we understand the unique security needs of different...

How Can Retail Losses Be Prevented?

In today’s retail landscape, we must pose the question, how can retail losses be prevented? Businesses face numerous challenges, and a significant concern is retail losses. These losses can occur as theft, fraud, administrative errors, or inefficiencies in the supply chain. Maintaining a secure retail environment minimizes theft and...

How Much Security For an Event Should You Have?

    Ensuring attendees’ safety and security is paramount when organizing security for any event, whether in London, Port Stanley, Strathroy, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, or the surrounding areas. However, finding the right balance between maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and implementing effective security for an event can be challenging. Discuss your...

Why Use a Security Company – What are Security Risks?

Why use a security company? In today’s world, security risks are an unfortunate reality for businesses and individuals alike. From theft to vandalism, from cyber attacks to physical violence, the potential threats to your safety and security are vast and ever-changing. With so many risks to consider, it’s important...

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