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Construction Site Security

Ensure the safety of your construction site with our professional Security Guard Services, providing unparalleled protection for your projects. Our trained guards specialize in safeguarding construction sites, preventing theft and vandalism, and maintaining a secure environment around the clock. Trust us for reliable, efficient security solutions that give you peace of mind.

Why Choose Dominion Security Services

Construction sites are always a potential target for thefts and vandals. Dominion Security Services has the knowledge and experience that you need to keep your construction site safe and untouched when you’re not there. When items are vandalized or stolen from a construction site, projects can be delayed and additional expenses can be incurred. Our team of construction site security guards will help protect your most valuable assets to ensure that your construction job gets done according to schedule and budget.

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Do you need construction site security?

Protection from theft

Construction sites are at high risk for theft from occurring, especially with the current high price of copper. Many criminals see construction sites as the perfect place to scavenge copper to be resold later. Thefts at construction sites can occur during the day and at night but are more likely to occur at night when construction workers are gone and when visibility is low. Most construction sites offer thieves the opportunity to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive equipment, machinery and other materials. In addition to the risk of theft, safety concerns also arise as dangerous equipment is commonly left on site. Using a security guard to protect your construction site can not only protect you from thefts but also minimize liability.

Security Services
Security Services

Protection from vandals

The other most common threats to the integrity of a construction site is vandalism, fire and other safety concerns. Too often, criminals enter construction sites and damage expensive machines or vandalize buildings and materials. Construction sites are generally in a more accident-prone state because there is unfinished work left in the open which can be harmful for criminals and anyone else who enters the site. These safety concerns become security threats that can affect construction workers, staff and members of the public who may enter the property. Having a security guard on mobile patrol is the ideal way to prevent vandals, trespassers and potential arsonists from entering the property at all. Our security guards can also respond to alarms and will call for backup when necessary.

What our security guards will do

From remote video monitoring, surveillance and responding to alarms, the security guards at Dominion Security Services will protect your construction site whether you’re around or not.

  • Remote video monitoring
  • Fixed video systems
  • Property protection
  • Controlling site access
  • Site patrolling and supervision
  • Conducting inspections on the property and equipment
  • Responding to alarms
  • Dispatching additional security guards if a threat is detected
  • Keeping security site logs and reports

In a construction site environment that houses expensive equipment and poses safety risks for anyone who steps foot on it, it’s important to use a security firm who specializes in construction site security. This is the absolute best way to ensure that your construction site remains safe and that your projects will stay on schedule without any costly surprises.

Security Services

We pay close attention to the distinct security challenges our clients face and craft a personalized program that aligns with their specific circumstances, requirements, and financial plans.
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