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Loss Prevention Services

Protect your assets with our professional Loss Prevention Services, offering exceptional security for businesses. Our trained specialists focus on minimizing theft, preventing fraud, and ensuring a secure environment. Rely on us for reliable, efficient loss prevention solutions that safeguard your bottom line and provide peace of mind.

Controlling Your Company’s Loss Through Theft

Theft and losses present huge problems for corporations on many levels. This is why it’s so important to ensure your business has a loss prevention security strategy in place.

At Dominion Security Services, our security guards take loss prevention very seriously. We understand the impact it can have on your bottom line and how to prevent it from occurring. We will work with you to ensure you have a proper loss prevention program in place to limit and control your company’s loss through theft, saving you time, money and convenience.

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Retail Loss Prevention

Shrinkage is described as the amount of merchandise physically available in a location versus the amount of inventory that location is supposed to have according to its inventory records. In simple terms, it is missing or stolen product. To prevent shrinkage from occurring and costing your business money, our security guards will perform a risk analysis on your business and determine the best policy for reducing shrinkage.

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Security Services

Workplace Loss Prevention

Statistics on loss prevention actually indicate that internal theft is a bigger problem than external theft and shoplifting. Luckily, the security guards at Dominion have a great deal of experience in internal loss prevention. We have found that merely educating employees on the effectiveness and necessity of a loss prevention program in the workplace is a great first step in deterring internal theft from occurring.

What do our security guards do?

  • Perform a risk analysis to determine the best loss prevention strategy for your company
  • Floor surveillance to deter shoplifting from occurring
  • Electronic surveillance through CCTVs
  • Employee investigations when employee shrinkage is suspected
  • Conduct random security inspections on employees
  • Monitor stock on site in high-risk situations
  • Observe and report any suspicious or unusual activity
  • Conduct secret shops to observe and report on employee behavior pertaining to theft
  • Apprehend and arrest offenders when necessary

Our security guards are highly trained in de-escalation and crisis management techniques should any situation escalate. Our guards are also able to provide loss prevention security services in uniform or plainclothes, depending on your preference and needs.

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We pay close attention to the distinct security challenges our clients face and craft a personalized program that aligns with their specific circumstances, requirements, and financial plans.
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