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It’s estimated that one out of every 10 crimes committed occurs in a commercial office building. And while this is only 10 percent of all crimes, the consequences of such theft can be disastrous, potentially even business ending. That’s because if a thief were to enter a business office, it’s likely that they would have access to confidential data, customer data and much, much more. This is why it pays to ensure that commercial office buildings are equipped with the proper security services and qualified security guards, whether they’re located in London, Ontario or within the Niagara region.

Do You Need Security Services for Your Office Building?

The question isn’t so much whether office building security is necessary, but rather what a business can potentially lose if their operations were ever compromised. In this sense, office building security is extremely valuable. What’s more, is that knowing a particular building is properly secured will likely only encourage more businesses to move their operations to such a facility. In reality, office building security is a win-win, both for the businesses that are located in it and for the managers that are tasked will filling properties. Our professional security guards at Dominion Security Services will keep office complexes and office buildings safe so that business can flourish.

What Will Our Security Guards Do?

  • Monitor all activity coming into and out of the commercial property, including deliveries, contractor work, etc.
  • Monitor the parking lot for any suspicious activity
  • Monitor building activity with CCTV cameras, when applicable
  • Regularly communicate with building tenants on things to look out for or ways to improve
  • Fire safety services
  • Provide monthly reports and incident reports
  • Place security signs around building premises to deter potential thieves before they have a chance to strike

Why Choose Dominion Security Guards

The big differentiator between Dominion and our competitors is the experience, training and attention to detail that our security guards provide. Not only will our security guards work to keep commercial office property safe and provide peace of mind both to business tenants and complex managers, but our unmatched customer service will also help ensure a security service unlike any other.

When a business becomes compromised, the data that is stolen could potentially lead to that particular company’s closure. Noting this, taking preventative action and ensuring that commercial office buildings will be kept safe and sound is the best way to go.

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