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Retail Security Services

Retail security services in London & Niagara, OntarioTheft from retail stores and commercial shopping areas can present a huge problem for retailers and result in a loss of income to business owners. We know that retail loss prevention is an important aspect of any security plan which is why our security guards have the retail, store, and mall security training and experience you need to prevent theft and shoplifting from occurring in the following places:

  • Retail shops
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial shopping centres
  • Department stores
  • Warehouse & distribution centres
  • Sample sales
  • Inventory clear-out sales

Dominion security guards are adept at providing industry-leading security programs at retail locations in London, Ontario, the Niagara Region, and everywhere in between. One of our focuses is customer service and this, coupled with our successful loss prevention measures, has resulted in many satisfied clients.

Why You Need Retail Security Services

Imagine a situation where you didn’t have to worry about theft and where all your customers felt safe, secure and welcome. Our security guards can make this vision a reality when you hire us for retail security services. Our security guards will conduct a risk assessment by observing the premises and with your input, will decide where to focus their efforts. This could include being stationed at your store’s entrances or exits, patrolling the store while it’s open or even going undercover in plainclothes to ensure shoplifters are stopped in their tracks.

What Will Our Mall Security Guards Do?

  • Effective loss prevention & risk mitigation strategies
  • Placement of security signs in common areas to further deter shoplifters
  • Mobile patrol to ensure timely responses to any situations that may escalate
  • Fire safety services
  • Inbound and outbound log for contractors & service workers
  • Detailed monthly reports with incident summary reports
  • Enforcement of the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario & Criminal Code of Canada
  • CCTV monitoring, when applicable
  • Undercover services to prevent theft from people who have been identified as potential shoplifters

Why Hire Our Mall Security Guards?

Our retail security programs are tailored to each of our clients. What works for one store may not work for another and we take this into careful consideration when we prepare our security strategy. Many of our clients actually find that hiring our security guard company is extremely cost-effective because of the money that is saved from reducing theft from occurring.

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